The Oldest City in the Netherlands

Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, emerged during Roman times due to its strategic location. Emperor Trajan granted it city and market rights in 100 AD. In 2005, Nijmegen celebrated its 2000-year anniversary, competing with Maastricht for this title. Walking through the streets of Nijmegen, you are enchanted by the fascinating blend of historical and modern elements that come together harmoniously. The atmosphere in the city invites visitors to be carried away on a journey through time. The city of Nijmegen exudes history with its old buildings and architecture, making it an engaging and intriguing destination for everyone.

This city breathes football
Nijmegen has about 175,000 inhabitants and is a real football city. Many people in Nijmegen and the surrounding area are connected with football. We have 22 football clubs in Nijmegen alone and another 15 clubs in the Nijmegen region. So we can say that this city breathes football and every weekend there are many youth, young and senior players and also many people who visit many different matches as football fans.