MAY 31st, JUNE 1st & 2nd 2024

Tournament Rules:

1. Rules:
The NOVIO TALENT CUP U16 Tournament 2024 adheres strictly to FIFA rules, ensuring fairness and consistency throughout the competition.

2. Tournament Format:
The tournament comprises four groups: A, B, C, and D, each featuring four teams. Teams within each group engage in a qualifying playoff to determine their progression.

Scoring is straightforward:
– A victory earns a team 3 points.
– A draw results in 1 point.
– A loss accumulates 0 points.

  • In cases where multiple teams conclude the playoff round with identical point totals, the following criteria are utilized to establish their ranking:
  • Results of the games among the tied teams.
  • Overall goal difference, both in favor and against.
  • The total number of goals scored.
  • The fewest goals conceded.
  • Fair play, as indicated by the number of cards received (1 point for yellow, 2 points for red).
  • If all else fails, the outcome is determined by a coin toss.

Should a match, crucial for determining a winner, end in a tie, a penalty shootout follows. Each team initially takes three penalties; if needed, additional rounds (A-B-A-B) ensue until a victor is decided. In the final game, the penalty shootout consists of five penalties, again with the A-B-A-B pattern if required.

3. Tournament Schedule:

  • Group stage matches occur on May 31st and possibly June 1st, 2024.
  • Qualification matches are scheduled for June 1st, 2024.
  • The grand final and the remaining classification
  • matches are set for June 2nd, 2024.

4. Game Time: Match durations vary based on the stage:

  • Group stage, quarter-finals, and semi-finals: Each game spans 2 halves of 20 minutes, with a 5-minute intermission.
  • The final extends to 2 halves of 25 minutes, with the same 5-minute halftime interval.

5. Players/Substitutions:
A few key player-related rules to note:

  • Each team can field a maximum of 22 players, all pre-registered.
  • Valid ID or Passport is mandatory for all players and must be presented before their team’s first match to receive accreditation.
  • Substitutions are allowed up to 7 times in a match, with a maximum of two breaks and 4 substitutions per break during the second period. “Half-time subs don’t count in total subs.”
  • When a player receives a direct red card or accumulates two yellow cards in a match, they are immediately banned from participating in the rest of that match.
  • Additionally, players with a direct red card will be sidelined for the next match.
  • A player accumulating two yellow cards will be sidelined for the next match.
  • Yellow card penalties are reset when a team reaches the semi-finals (or the last two final matches).

6. Referees:
All referees and assistant referees are assigned by the Organizing Committee to ensure impartial and professional officiating.

7. Reclamations:
Teams may submit sports claims in writing to the Organizing Committee within 30 minutes after the match in question. However, it’s important to note that claims related to arbitration errors cannot alter the match outcome. The Organizing Committee’s decisions are final and binding.

8. Equipment: Uniform coordination is critical:

  • Teams are required to bring both their home and away kits, each properly numbered.
  • If there is a clash of uniforms, the visiting team (listed second) is responsible for changing attire.
  • Players must wear the same number on both their home and away kits and maintain this consistency throughout the tournament.

9. Required Paperwork:
Team delegates must submit the squad list with player names and numbers 45 minutes before each match. This ensures a smooth start to the games and proper record-keeping.

10. Timeliness:
All participating teams must be present and ready, standing alongside the field manager, at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled match start time.

11. Personnel & Assisting:
The Organizing Committee is dedicated to assisting all teams throughout the tournament, ensuring their needs are met to enhance the overall experience.

12. Match Pitches:

  • Pitch 1 of NEC Academy
  • Pitch 2 of NEC Academy
  • The tournament venues boast new FIFA-compliant artificial grass fields.

We will make every effort to host the Final matches on the prestigious main pitch of the Stadium.
The tournament provides the official ball for all matches, maintaining consistency and fairness.

13. Prizes/ Trophies: 

  • Fair Play
  • Best Scorer
  • Best Goalkeeper
  • Best Player

14. Adjustment:
All contingencies not included in the rules are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Organizing Committee. They have the final authority to make, interpret, modify and apply rules according to their criteria and the needs of the tournament.

15. Ensure the safety of your personal items:
It’s essential to note that the Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings.

Additional information and Important Notes:

  • Every pitch is equipped with a dedicated physiotherapist or doctor available to provide assistance and evaluate any injuries that may occur during the tournament.
  • Please be aware that the organizing committee is not liable for the insurance of players or coaches. All participants (players and staff) must ensure they have their own health insurance coverage and obtain approval from their respective football federations.”
  • Registered participants must possess a mandatory visible accreditation that they must carry to gain access to designated areas.